I am a big fan of Rick Stack and the St. Paul School of Music. I have been playing guitar for approximately 30 years. For at least 20 of those years, with the exception of a new song here and there my progress stagnated. My assumption was that certain players were naturally gifted (which is part of the equation). However, when I started taking lessons again, Rick showed me how I could improve with the correct technique and a little bit (sometimes a lot) of practice. Based on his guidance, I am a more complete and confident player. For what it is worth, here is my advice; if you are new to the guitar, take lessons - with the correct instruction there are no limits. If you play and have plateaued, you can break through those boundaries with the correct instruction.  - Scott Milne

Over the past few years that I have been taking lessons here, I have worked with both Rick Stack and Joel Shapira. I have learned a ton and had fun along the way. You can't go wrong coming here for lessons. Awesome teachers and awesome people!  - Mikey Lasusa

Elijah, my 7 year old son has been taking lessons from owner Rick Stack for 10 months. In that short time he has learned how to read guitar tabs, have several song melodies memorized and recently started on George Benson and Jimi Hendrix. Rick really brings out his desire to learn and teaches in such a way that Elijah will likely be a life-long player. I cannot put into words the impact St. Paul School of Music has had on my sons life. Between the professional staff and ideal facilities there is no better option. Highly recommended!!!!!  

                                                                                                                                                                               -Tony Johnson  

As a 50+ year old beginner who feels "steep on the learning curve", it is a joy to learn to play guitar from Rick Stack. I greatly enjoy our weekly lessons! He is a patient and encouraging teacher who is comfortable with students of all levels of experience. I recommend him highly!  -Peter Ganzer

St. Paul School of Music is incredible. I have been playing in bands for 30 years but wanted to upgrade my jazz playing. My teacher teaches me exactly what I want to learn and eases you into things perfectly. It's never boring and never dull and I have literally learned more in the past two years than I had on my own in the 15 before. He is an excellent teacher and a joy to play guitar with and learn from. The school provides a perfect learning environment no matter what type of music you want to learn!  -John Heidt  

Thirty years ago I bought a guitar with thoughts of learning how to play and have some fun. Other commitments took priority, and unfortunately, I never took lessons or played that guitar very much. I have always enjoyed guitar music, and love to listen to great players. I made a decision a year ago to try the guitar again. I felt that it wasn't too late, and thought I'd find a good place to take lessons and learn about music. That is where the St. Paul School of Music comes in. I've been taking lessons with Rick Stack for a year, and have really enjoyed the experience. I've learned chord progressions, scales to practice, as well as songs that I like. Rick's approach is great because the student learns to play music right away. Students can also learn music theory, and how chords and songs are constructed. That process keeps the student motivated, and practice remains fun. The guitar is a wonderful instrument, and can be humbling; especially for beginning players like myself. But, every little improvement is progress. I feel I've learned so much over the past year, and have really had a blast. Thanks to Rick and the St. Paul School of Music for helping to bring the guitar into my life.  -Ron Hedblad

I've been taking guitar lessons at the St. Paul School of Music for four months. It is so much fun and I can't believe how much I have learned in such a short time. My instructor always take the time to answer my questions, explain new techniques and terms, as well as demonstrate the songs. He encourages and supports my guitar playing by choosing pieces for me to learn that match my interests and gently push my abilities forward.  -Rebecca Pavlenko 

I've been taking guitar lessons at St. Paul School of Music for about a year. It's the high point of my week ever since. In addition to learning an instrument from industry-recognized experts, the therapeutic aspect of learning an instrument is very important to me. I enjoy the experience so much that I've expanded the scope of my learning to electric guitar, resophonic guitar, and bass guitar. In short, I couldn't be happier with my experience.  -Michael L. Sparacino

St. Paul School of Music is truly a great place to learn in a comfortable environment and I am very happy with my progress in 2 years. Rick personalizes lessons based on my goals and level. We're able to dig into a set list of tunes, but I also enjoy the systematic approach to help me improve my fundamentals, and also be introduced to new styles and ideas. The vibe in the waiting room is great and I know that other players are happy with their instructors.  -Rich Stoebe

If you are looking to take lessons from top quality musicians at an affordable price, St. Paul School of Music is definitely worth your time. I highly recommend this place.  -Troy Wyman

Having decided two years of fumbling around with guitars was enough and at 44, I wasn't getting any younger, I took the next step, guitar lessons at St. Paul School of Music. Rick assessed what progress I had made. He allowed me to work on things that were important at the time. Over the next few months as I became more comfortable with playing, he put me on track. Rick makes each lesson more valuable than the last and now I have a great foundation to build on. Now, practice isn't practice, practice is playing, and playing is what life is all about.  -Brian Trevino

I am extremely pleased with St. Paul School of Music. I had some qualms going into my first day; however, they were soon put to rest. My teacher made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed; furthermore, it is clear he is a master of his craft and has a passion for sharing and teaching his students. The lessons are structured to fit around my strengths and weaknesses and I never feel like I am being taught a regimented lesson plan. I am never ridiculed for lack of practice, but I am always self-motivated to practice as much as possible after I take a lesson. I always look forward to lessons and never think twice about my one hour drive because I know it's worth it.                       -Graham Johnson

I've had a great experience at St. Paul School of Music. Rick is an excellent player and an excellent teacher with a depth of knowledge and experience that's very impressive. He's very good at meeting a player where they are and helping to continue the player's development. Getting instruction here has really helped me to continue developing my playing, and it's all done with an informal, conversational style that's very accessible and fun. Highly recommended.  -Mark Jurado